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    School Runs the Pros and Cons
    First, let’s discuss the bus. Why coach your kids to school?
    The rota

    We’ve heard about all the groans and gripes from rota parents. Rotas are time-consuming; the kids are squishy and stuffy and head into the school day on a grumpy start; you need a babysitter for the toddler back home – taking him with would lose a rota seat; rush hour traffic can keep you on the road for a great deal of time leaving you late to work and the kids late to school; time is money – and so is petrol; you have to invest in a bigger car; your car will sooner show wear and tear; you may fall out with close friends and neighbours who have done their rota duty sloppily, never mind the hassle of rearranging your rota duty one day if you have an appointment or are going away. Let’s not venture near the day you came home with a bursting headache from the hullabaloo around you over who sits where or just kids being their raucous frolicking selves…We won’t go there; why bring on the migraine all over again?

    That’s not to say rota is all rotten. Indeed, the journey time in a car may be quicker than a school coach because it involves fewer stops; a rota is door-to-door so the kids have a few extra minutes to get ready.

    The coach

    Bussing your kids to school involves a smooth, straight journey along the main roads; spacious and comfortable varied choice of seating; broader social opportunities; a precise on-time schedule so your child is never late to school; a school-run, fully-tracked transport system ensures your child is in safe hands all along his route; and the pre-arranged transport is a hassle-free, headache-free commitment.

    You may be hesitant to coach your kids thinking it costs more, or you are put off by having to pay the termly fee in advance. However, think about what you pay for petrol for every rush-hour journey and every pick-up’s stop-and-start, or if you’re late to work. Time is money, y’know. And if you’re taking your kids by public transport every day, today’s bus and tube fares alone could break the bank. Bet you wouldn’t have guessed, but Zebra coaches amounts to less than £2 a journey. So yes, you might be paying a lump sum upfront but at least we’re being upfront with you and there are no sneaky extras like petrol or daily oysters suck away.

    What are you going to do with your newly-saved pre-school 45-minutes?

    Sign up for gym? Celebrate with a creamy morning latte? Or indulge in that abandoned novel curled up in bed?

    Even if you spend it savouring the quiet, sprawled out on the sofa, you’ll never look back. Because coaching your kids to school won’t only reap less frazzled parents; you will see the difference in your kids’ cool, collective mindset as they leave and return from school every day.

    With all the stress that schooling already burdens your kid with – what with the exertion of their social, academic and physical skills – isn’t that tranquility exactly what we want to give them?

    Be a good parent. Do it for your kids…and gain sanity, time and money at the same time.

    P.S. All the information in this leaflet is what we have heard from parents, as a parent yourself you may have your own view which we would love to hear in order to create the perfect school bus experience.

    We have attached a questionnaire if you could take the time to fill it up and send it back it would be a great help. You may have your own ideas not included in the question feel free to drop us an email.

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