Weddings require a great deal of planning and organisation and there are many factors to consider – like wedding transport. One of the key things to think about is how everybody is getting from A to B, especially if you are having a wedding out of town. There are many reasons why people and groups need to hire a coach in London and the UK, particularly when looking to save time and avoid potential traffic jams and late arrivals


wedding transport


Here we share the top things to think about when planning wedding transport:


When Do You Need Wedding Transport and Wedding Coach Hire?

You will likely need some form of wedding transport for your special event; although the exact size and number of vehicles will depend on how many guests you are having and the location of your ceremony and reception. Before deciding what wedding transport you might need, you will need to work out a timeline of the wedding event and the specific transport needs at each stage.


Much like in the case of airport coach hire for example, you will need to run on time and to a schedule to ensure everyone gets to where they need to in time and with time to spare, with no hitches.


When you are making the timeline of your event, make sure to be as detailed as possible. Think about the start times at each event and what the required arrival and departure times might be. Also consider whether you want certain guests in a certain place at a given time; for example, if you are doing group photos, you may need to make sure you are getting people to the right location.


Take into account the different guests who are coming to your wedding. For example, are you having many guests coming from out of town? If you are hosting an event in a location that is not familiar to your guests, you could make it easier for them to get around by organising transport.


Who Needs Transportation For a Wedding?

There are many different sub-groups that might require transportation during the wedding:

The wedding party – the wedding party, including the bride and groom and any potential bridesmaids and groomsmen, will need an efficient way to get to and from the ceremony venue and also to and from the reception if that is in a different location. Hiring some transport, such as a minibus, limo or private car, could be a good way to ensure that the wedding party arrives at the required locations on time.


The wedding guests – if it is within your budget, you could also arrange transport for your wedding guests; especially if you have guests coming from out of town in order to attend the wedding.


What Options Are There For Wedding Transport?

There are a whole range of options available for wedding transportation to suit different budgets ranging from the most practical to the most creative. Unlike school coach hire, where options will be limited to what is the most practical, when it comes to wedding transport, you can be a little more creative.


However, ultimately, your budget as well as the needs of the wedding party on the day of the special occasion are likely to dictate what kind of wedding transport is needed.


wedding coach


Wedding Coach Hire

Coaches are a very practical way to transport multiple guests from venue to venue. For example, if you are looking to transport guests from the ceremony venue to the reception venue or if you are arranging guests to arrive at the ceremony venue from a pick up point.


Coaches can hold anywhere between 18 and 56 seats so you could hire the required number of coaches to cater for all your guests. It is also easy to divide your wedding party into different groups and split the coaches accordingly – for example, maybe you have wedding guests coming from multiple locations and you want to organise transport from different pick up points.


Stretch Limo Transportation

Travelling by stretch limo is a way to add some extra decadence to your wedding day. They are limited in size, usually between 12 to 14 passengers, so would not be a practical option for transporting multiple wedding guests. However, a stretch limo could be a fun and fancy way of getting the bridal party from one venue to another.


Wedding Minibus Hire

If you are only transporting a small group of guests or members of the bridal party, a minibus is a way of shuttling 7 to 16 passengers between locations. Again, this option would only be suitable for a smaller group of guests and would not be able to accommodate as many guests as a coach.


Ferry Weddings

Are you hosting a river, island or lakeside wedding? Consider hiring a ferry to transport your guests to the wedding reception! This mode of transport is surely something your guests will remember for a long time – have a look at Thames Luxury Charters.


Wedding Taxis

Taxis are a logical way to get guests between venues and you could provide the details of a local taxi service. If you do not have it in your budget to organise mass transportation for your guests, this might be a good option for guests to get themselves from place to place.