70-Seat Coach Hire

Travel on a grand scale with our 70-seat large coach hire, designed to accommodate the largest groups comfortably. These large coaches are perfect for substantial gatherings, offering everyone plenty of room to relax, essential amenities, and safety features for peace of mind on every journey. Choose Panda Coaches, one of the top coach companies in London, for your large group travel needs.


Coach Features


  • Extra-Wide Aisles: Easy movement within the coach.
  • High-Capacity Luggage Compartments: Bring everything you need without compromise.
  • Full Accessibility: Features to assist passengers with mobility challenges.
  • Entertainment Systems: Enjoy entertainment en route to your destination.
  • GPS and Tracking Systems: Ensuring timely travel and safety.


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Our 70-seat coaches are ideal for those looking for coach hire in London for very large groups. Ready to book a 70-seat coach for your next big adventure?

Contact us today to find out more and arrange your journey with ease. Travel with one of the leading coach companies in London and make your next trip memorable with Panda Coaches.